“It is always so wonderful when one of our dogs finds the perfect family.  No words can express the overwhelming emotions that come when two of our dogs get adopted to the same wonderful family.

Both Django and Nutella came from our Rescue Partner Hope 4 a Street Dog in Costa Rica.  Django was named by the Rescue because his life for 2 years was just barely existing on the end of a five foot chain.  He was found so emaciated it was questionable how/if he would survive.  Once unchained from a horrible existence he thrived.  One of the most soulful dogs we have known.

Nutella is from a poor Costa Rican family that reached out to Rescue when several female dogs were dumped on her property and gave birth.  This family had over 15 dogs and did not have the means to take care of them.  Hope 4 a Street Dog sponsored spay and neuter for all of their dogs and placed all of the puppies into foster homes.  Nutella and her sister Hazel were sponsored for tickets to Vermont!

It was a very happy day when we learned that both Django and Nutella would be living together on an 80 acre farm in the mountains of Vermont!   Their future will be now full of love, companionship and belonging.