Hope 4 a Street Dog

Hope 4 a Street Dog is a non-profit organization located in Junquillal, Costa Rica. Our mission is to provide a resource funded by Junquillal and the surrounding communities as well as outside supporters who share the passion of helping the Street Dogs. This fund will be used help pay for and supplement spay/neuter clinics, dogs in need of urgent medical care, and to relieve suffering.

Our Story

Whenever I was asked growing up what I wanted to do, my response always was “to help the animals”. At age 8 I started volunteering at the local pound. Since then, I have volunteered at many shelters throughout the years, organized volunteer programs, coordinated training, set up fundraising projects, etc… all to help the shelter dogs. I became a certified veterinary technician, attended many behavior classes and have surrounded myself with like people who have the same passion. I’ve shed many tears and have rejoiced as many times. Anyone who shares this passion knows the experiences can be bittersweet. I am a partner in a non-profit dog rescue organization www.longtraildogs.org where we have placed many homeless dogs with lifelong families.

puppyI have a home in Junquillal, Costa Rica. It is where I spend 6 months out of the year. My passion takes me to the streets where I find countless numbers of homeless “street dogs”. Families that have multiple dogs yet can’t afford to feed them, let alone spay/neuter them. I gather resources from far and near to help. Junquillal has a great community and a veterinarian that supports my efforts. My goal is to organize as many spay/neuter clinics as donations will cover; educate owners on the importance of spay/neuter. Create a sponsorship program to help pay for unaltered animals, the care of litters of puppies/kittens that are neglected and food/medical attention for the homeless street dogs.

One of the greatest rewards is to relieve a street dog from the neglect, abuse or suffering that it has endured. There is something profoundly gratifying with removing a dog from horrible conditions, giving it the TLC it has been starving for and placing it with an awesome family for the rest of its life. These beings are grateful, loyal, giving, and show ‘us’ the meaning of ‘unconditional love’. They forgive and hopefully forget their past, they teach us to be present, and in return only ask for our love (and sometimes a treat). I am happy to share my time and love with each and every rescued dog that comes into my life and I am grateful to all those who open up their hearts and homes to these special dogs.