Hi, my name is Monty!  I am another one of the Hope 4 a Street Dog rescues that got to take a plane ride all the way to New England!

I was first found on the streets of Costa Rica, thrown away by a very neglectful and mean man.  It was my lucky day when a nice woman saw how scared I was being alone and took me into her home.  Then my luck got even better when I heard I was going to become a US Citizen, whatever that meant!   I quickly started learning my English skills and was excited for my new future!
With the help of coordinating rescues, I was able to ride in a comfy soft kennel in the cabin of the plane.  We arrived at midnight, it was cold, but I was quickly swooped up and kept warm by my amazing new family.  They hadn’t even met me yet, but they were ready to take me home with them and shower me with love, oh and some really good food!
It’s a few weeks later and I was just told that I am officially staying!  Woohoo!  My life has never been better and I am surely never looking back!   I love all those rescue people out there… they really do have a huge heart and helped me find a magical place to begin a new life!

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