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Additional Information
  • Male
  • Short Coat
  • Spay/Neuter
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinations Current
  • Dog Friendly
More About JACK!

So many great things to say about JACK!

Jack has been with his foster family and in a training program for over 2 months now and we’ve learned all things that make Jack a happy guy. He’s about 2 years old, under 40 pounds, and below our knee level. His head and body are of a regular sized dog and his legs are those of maybe a basset hound. He's like a fun cartoon character!

He is currently being fostered at a canine camp. He came with zero social skills with both people and other dogs, but has now flourished with proper teaching and introduction. Jack now has many friends of all sizes, shapes and ages. He still needs “a moment” and proper introduction with other dogs and people he hasn’t met, but he has learned those skills like a champ.

Jack is also great in the car, he loves going for adventures, sticking his nose out the window to catch all those scents. He enjoys going on leashed walks and still learning to walk loosely at the same time as he’s on the lookout for the critters.

Jack has great house manners. Fully housebroken, respectfully asks for attention, loves to be on the couch cuddling, enjoys having his “den” available for quiet time, not destructive and can be left alone for reasonable amounts of time.

Jack’s dream is a somewhat adventurous couple outdoors and a quieter lifestyle indoors and would love to add a fur-child. A person or persons that he can develop that true, loyal bond with. He is a dog that loves hard and will be your ride or die partner. He looks up to his leaders and acts as though he knows exactly what you’re saying. This pup is willing to learn anything you teach him. He would be a good hiking partner, kayak partner or snowshoe partner. His off-leash skills are on track and as all dogs, that will need to be reinforced for life. He LOVES the outdoors and critter hunting could be his favorite past time when not with his people.

Dog savvy kitties could be okay too.

He would have a huge smile on his face, with a fenced in yard or large outdoor safe area to give him the freedom to patrol for those fun critters that he so desires to do. Jack also loves participating in “forest agility” and has learned to take direction to jump from rock to rock, or scale ledges and balance walk on logs. Jack is such a fun guy and easy to enjoy the world with.

Jack is on a healthy diet which shows now with his bright, shiny and soft coat and clean teeth. He is respectful at dinner time and waits patiently in his “den” for his meal to be served to him, just like the little prince that he is.

Jack is being fostered in Monkton, Vermont and he’s looking to adopt that perfect family so he can finally show them what cool side kick he really is!

He's been waiting quite a while for that perfect family to find him and although he's having a great time learning and playing at canine camp, having his very own person(s) and more one on one time would make his heart happy.

Here is the link to the application:

Once submitted, it will be forwarded to his foster mom to be in touch!

A short list of all the great things about Jack:

o Super Garden helper
o Loves to be brushed
o Couch snuggler
o Bed warmer
o Loves his “bedroom crate”
o Could be with another canine friend or be a singleton
o Loves car rides
o Loves going for walks
o Loves exploring the woods
o Smart, loves to learn
o Fun, short legged goofy guy
o Wiggly butt, happy smile
o Loves to be entertained, and can entertain himself
o Good recall skills