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Additional Information
  • Male
  • Short Coat
  • Spay/Neuter
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinations Current
More About ROCKY

Rocky is aged at about 5 years young, but really has so much puppy left in him. Probably making up for lost time? His FAVORITE thing, well besides snuggles and belly rubs, is playing fetch. And yes, a complete game including dropping it at your feet every time for another throw!

Rocky has been working hard on manners and leash skills, as he didn’t have any when he first arrived, and being fostered in the big city of Burlington, has had its challenges, but his foster mom has done a wonderful job coaching him through the struggles and he’s becoming more confident every day.

An ideal home/family would be one where Rocky could be the center of attention. He loves his people and wants to soak up all the love he can get and show you all the fun games and antics he has under his paws. He has learned a plethora of “tricks” with his foster mom, including sit, down, place, leave it, drop it, take it, touch, center (through your legs), off and all done. He’d love to continue building on those queues!

Rocky is still learning proper playstyle with other dogs and would probably do better as a solo dog while he’s still gaining his confidence and learning how to dog. He is described as a “bull in a china shop” but all in good fun. Older kiddos would be great and better at moving out of the way when he’s clowning around, as he’s a big boy.
Rocky does great off leash in private non distracted areas. He is still too excited about meeting new dogs and people and needs some continued learning to greet respectfully. A large fenced in yard would be heaven for this guy so he can run to his heart’s desire and play those games of fetch!

Rocky is a rock star alone in the home. He has earned free roam and is good at picking up a favorite toy and napping with it on the couch until his person comes home. He is crate trained but prefers to sleep under the covers with his foster mama.

Rocky is extremely loyal to his person(s) and would love to be involved in the day-to-day activities. He will match the energy in the room, so if you’re napping, he’ll be your warming buddy, if you’re cooking, he’s there ready to clean up any mishaps, if you’re doing yard work, he’s sniffing nearby while checking in with you. He loves to hike and go on sniffari’s, but always has his person in sight and comes when he hears his name.

On long car rides, he settles in for a good snoring session. Rocky has many good qualities and with guidance, he can better learn how to navigate his new world with his trusted bestie by his side. This boy would love an active family to take him on adventures and continue teaching him good doggo manners. He has a good balance of lounging indoors and exploring outdoors.

No kitties for this guy... he wants to play and chase.

If you love the goofiness of bully mixes, Rocky will not be disappointed. He is being fostered in Burlington, VT.

Once the application is submitted, it will be forwarded to Rocky’s foster mom to be in touch.