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Additional Information
  • Female
  • Short Coat
  • Vaccinations Current
  • Dog Friendly
More About BETA

Brindle Baby Beta
Little 3 month old Beta came to Vermont all the way from the Caribbean island of St. Croix. Beta was found with her litter mates in the jungle of the St. Croix rainforest. Her parents are unknown, but based on her age and current weight, we expect her to be 40-ish lbs when full grown.

She is a beautiful orange, brindle color with thick fluffy medium length fur. Beta is spunky and sassy. She loves exploring and playing with her foster siblings. She loves teething toys, rope toys, and stuffies. She loves chasing a ball around the house and will engage in play with humans and her dog siblings. While she does enjoy her dog siblings, she also is independent and does not need to have doggy siblings. We do not know how she is with cats, but that should not be a barrier to adopting her.

Beta has had limited interactions with children, but she was gentle and approached them with a wagging tail. She loves all humans, men or women and does not seem to have any “stranger danger” fears. Beta is still learning her manners but quickly learned “sit”. She is a gentle, smart, and easy going medium to high energy pup. Her first months of life in the Virgin Islands exposed her to many different and unique situations (like cruise ship day visitors, city visits with a petting area for passers by to play with her, airplane and car travel), making her adaptable and easy going. Beta has endless affection to give, will cuddle up close and keep you warm on those chilly nights because she loves sleeping in her human’s bed.

Beta is working on her crate training and house training. She also quickly getting better at walking on a leash. She loves the freedom of a fenced in backyard, but does not require one. She has learned to enjoy playing in the snow while exploring her outdoor surroundings.

This exotic brindle baby girl is going to be a fabulous addition to a family committed to providing what she needs to become a well balanced, fun adventure pup!

Beta is being fostered in Morrisville, VT