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Additional Information
  • Female
  • Short Coat
  • Spay/Neuter
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinations Current
  • Dog Friendly
More About ORCHID

We are now introducing our little gal ORCHID who is ready to meet a permanent family of her own. She came into our partner shelter in South Carolina as a stray and surprisingly nobody came to claim her. She’s a beautiful little lady and was lucky to spend some time in a temporary foster home in South Carolina while we made all the vet and transport arrangements to have her come to Vermont to join one of our foster families here. This has given her the chance to unwind, decompress and also gives us a bit of time to learn about her and what her needs are for an ideal match with family.

What do we know about little ORCHID? She has the sweetest little face and a tail that doesn't stop wagging. She never met a toy, or a cookie, that she didn't want to instantly devour. She is a little reserved when she first meets new people but warms up quickly and then really enjoys the company of her human and doggie friends. She's about 3 years old and about 18 pounds. We don’t know her breed, but maybe dachshund/chi mix? She is current on vaccines, spayed, chipped, healthy and ready to start her new journey.

Orchid has not had any accidents in her foster home. She is offered and encouraged to go outdoors on a structured routine and has done well with that routine. She also enjoys her crate; she is quiet and content in her crate and will wait patiently in her crate while her foster mama is working at her desk. She also sleeps soundly in her crate and does well in her crate in the car.

Ms. ORCHID LOVES exploring the outdoors. She doesn't seem to have been taught many commands but is easy to walk on a leash and halter. She really enjoys going on her walks and would love a walking partner. She loves to pick up sticks along the way and show off her jaunty, adorable strut with her ears flopping and her tail wagging.
Orchid is also a pro at sniffari sessions around her yard. One of her jobs is to patrol for critters and she’s good at it! She will need a secure fenced in area so she can continue to enjoy that freedom and keep her job intact.

Orchid lives with 3 other canine foster siblings and overall does very well. She loves their company and initiates play with them regularly. She navigates the mood swings of the grumpy older one like a pro and is slightly less deferential to the young one because she knows she can get away with it. She is overwhelmed by the resident high energy, bossy dog and would do better without a rowdy/dominant dog companion. She could do OK being the one and only doted on queen bee (with the right amount of interaction), but regularly seeks out the company of other dogs and would thrive with a bestie her size to play with and do zoomies around the home with.

We would describe Orchid as having medium energy. When she can't convince the other dogs to play with her, she loves to play with toys and will amuse herself throwing balls around in the air (one of her cutest features). Although her energy level is moderate her need for attention/interaction is high. She will paw for attention frequently and prefers to be interacting vs. sleeping/resting quietly.

Orchid is gentle and engaging when meeting new people. She’s somewhat timid initially but will reach up and place her paws on legs to invite pets. Once she knows you, her happy, spunky side comes out and she loves to give quick kisses and little nibbles of affection.

Her ideal home would be with a mature couple, or people who have a lot of time to spend with her, who is looking for a cuddle dog/lap dog. She’s a fun-loving, playful and curious pup ready to join in whatever daily activities are scheduled for the day. She’s highly portable, easy to care for and a comfort for her people. She could also do well in an office setting, having her own “bedroom” set up and scheduled play sessions.

Orchid is being fostered in Jericho, VT and ready to schedule a playdate or two!

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