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Additional Information
  • Male
  • Medium Coat
  • Spay/Neuter
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinations Current
  • Dog Friendly
More About RUFUS

RUFUS… we have the perfect mix of Cattle Dog? Corgi? Pitty? And a definite genuine good boy! He’s already a pretty balanced fella with one ear up and the other down and always ready to be your wingman.

Rufus is just about 1 year old, he was brought to the shelter with his 2 siblings, Bingo and Cheyenne, also here in Vermont. He’s a great size at 45 pounds, LOVES all dogs and people. He has been learning respectful greeting manners around people. He’s a friendly and engaging guy and now understands that four on the floor means more attention! Once he gets to say hi, he’s polite and accepts attention lovingly. He is crate trained and learning good house manners. He has had excellent mentors with his canine friends which help with recall skills and leash skills.

Because RUFUS equally loves dogs as much as people, his next home must have at least one playful pup. Two or more would be double/triple the fun! He has not met a dog he didn’t like and is very good at matching playstyles and reading social queues. Kitties are also fun, maybe too fun unless you have a dog savvy kitty to help teach him how the world revolves around them.

Rufus would also be happy with respectful and adventurous kiddos over 10. He’s up for tons of creative games, hikes in the woods, ball, tug and after a fun day of activities, he’s a super couch snuggler and would love to be your warming buddy. City life is not for this fella, so a large fenced in area or lots of room to run is what he'll be looking for.

Rufus has learned the rules and structure of his foster home with ease and thrives with knowing expectations. He is always eager for direction and learns quickly. He is a pleaser and loves to be told he’s a good boy. He’s been good in the car with his dog friends as mentors. We are working on public manners so he can join in public events and be the cool dude.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, love being with your dogs, looking for a 2nd (or 3rd) pup to add to your family and enjoy being a partner to one incredible dog, Rufus would love to schedule a date!

He is being fostered in Monkton, VT