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Additional Information
  • Female
  • Short Coat
  • Spay/Neuter
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinations Current
  • Dog Friendly
More About NOVA

Our special girl NOVA! This sweet girl is such a trooper. She arrived at our partner shelter as a stray or most likely a throw away. Her belly full of parasites and puppies! In an already crowded, loud shelter, she had no choice to give birth to her 7 little nuggets. She was the sweetest, most attentive mama those pups could have asked for. She never received rescue during those weeks that her puppies grew up and eventually went to rescue themselves, but she was left behind. A few months went by with no interest in helping Nova and she ended up on the dreaded urgent list. Seeing her sweet, face, her wiggly but and her wonderful foster homes.

She made the Freedom Ride north and is now being fostered in Orwell, VT with 4 other canine foster siblings. After all of this… she still has the biggest smile on her face when meeting people, playing with toys and wrestling with her dog friends.

We are now looking for that special place she can call home and a family she can call her own. She deserves to live a heaven on earth and we are on the search for her.

Nova is obviously a pitty mix. One of those ever loving, rolling over for belly rubs, play with me, love me kind. She is naturally engaging and endearing with people. She is naturally an amusing girl. Her perfect family could be a variety of dynamics, most importantly it should be a fun and active family. She’s been really great with kiddos, loves other dogs too. She has a rough and rowdy playstyle, but can also read social queues and take it down a notch with those on the more gentle and dainty side. Her zoomies are a riot, and yes, move out of the way and just watch the magic.

Nova is great on a leash with little/no distraction and will need to learn more skills when the squirrel runs across the street, but she’s easily redirected and ready to learn. TOYS! This lady loves her toys. She loves a good catch me if you can game with her favorite toy. She ends her games with a big leg lean for some good ole chest and belly rubs. Hardy toys and chews in the “toybox” inventory will keep this girl happy and content for the down time. She has good house manners, crate trained and spends the night sleeping in her favorite chair. Nova is gentle while taking treats, even with kiddos and respectfully engages others.

Nova has a great attitude and sooo happy to be out of the shelter! She will put her heart into just about any activity that seems like it would be a good time. Are you the family looking to add some entertainment to your days and some laughter therapy? She sure would like to meet you if you are!

Nova is about 3 years old and 50ish pounds. She has put her mama days behind her and looking forward to being the cherished furry member of the family. Dog Savvy kitties could be okay too!

Please share Nova or if you’re that special family… please submit the application at this link. Her foster mom will be in touch once received.