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Additional Information
  • Female
  • Medium Coat
  • Spay/Neuter
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinations Current
  • Dog Friendly
More About MOCHA

We have two lovely sisters that have joined our rescue, escaping the shelter life at 9 months old.

CHAI and MOCHA are both very similar in personality. Both are about 50 pounds, and probably have a little more growing to do. They have settled in very nicely with their foster home and are learning routine, boundaries, and good manners with people and lots of canine friends. Both are excelling with their learning and once separated and with their new families, they will thrive with continued coaching.

Both girls are great outdoor adventure dogs and at the same time can settle in the home. They are being fostered as part of a canine camp home and have very good social dog etiquette. They are respectful at meeting and can match playstyles. They are joining all kinds of dog social activities such as hiking, sit and stays, and calming skills. Their recall skills are right on track as well, which has been easy because they really want to please and be with you. Leash skills are also on track and ready to up the game with more public exposure.

These pups are also great at settling in the home. They enjoy their cozy dens and will go in for a snooze throughout the day or grab a chew and sit down for a good tooth brushing session.

Oh and water!!! Both LOVE the water, probably Mocha a bit more than Chai as she will swim laps if given the opportunity.

We are looking for families that want to take the lead in their skill building. They will enjoy a fun, but confident leader to look to for direction and follow as they navigate through life. They are ready to experience lots of positive experiences with you as a coach by their side.

Both Chai and Mocha are attentive and affectionate without being hyperactive or overly demanding. They are medium energy and can hang or keep up with your pace. They will enjoy settling on a nice comfy bed, or on the couch getting a belly rub. They are going to be excellent outdoor adventure pups. If you are outdoor enthusiasts and want a partner to join you, consider either one of these girls Miss Cooperative.

We can’t say enough about these girls. If you are looking for a partnership in adventure, and love canine games, sports and outings, these girls will be happy to check those boxes and at the same time enjoy a relaxed pup in the home ready to give some emotional support energy to the family, you might want to submit the application soon!

Both are being fostered in Monkton, VT