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Additional Information
  • Female
  • Short Coat
  • Spay/Neuter
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinations Current
  • Dog Friendly

More About MarlaBelle

MarlaBelle is an extremely sweet natured dog. She didn’t have such a great life before shelter life, and when in the shelter, surely became withdrawn and depressed.
Another example of how fostering saves lives! She was chosen by one of our lovely foster moms in SC to be taken in, loved, given plenty of TLC and patience and able to experience being part of a family which she probably never had. She was treated for the heartworms she came into the shelter with and has been a champion through recovery. We want to share with you her story from her foster mom in South Carolina:

When she came home with me, she was extremely timid. Not really certain about where or how she fit in to my house. I think she was a bit overwhelmed in the beginning. But true to a dog’s inherent strength and survival instinct, MarlaBelle adapted and has started to thrive. She has these soft, knowing brown eyes that just seem to see straight into your soul. Those eyes show the depth of how much she loves and desires to be loved by her human.

MarlaBelle loves walks and does well on a leash! Unless she sees a squirrel. Then her treeing skills come into play! She is an expert when it comes to chasing and treeing squirrels! Cats are fair game, too. But only if they run. But she is easily deterred from chasing the kitties by a stern word.
While sudden moves used to always make her drop to her belly, now that is a rare occurrence. MarlaBelle has learned that people love her. And that is truly what MarlaBelle wants most in this world.

Oftentimes I see her watching me with those soft brown eyes while I interact with my dogs, particularly my heart dog. She yearns to be someone’s heart dog. MarlaBelle craves human contact. She knows the kindness in that touch. She is happy to be by your side no matter what you do- riding shotgun on the way to Bojangles for Sunday breakfast, taking a walk by the lake, or cuddling on the sofa. She is a very chill, laid back dog. MarlaBelle will do well either as an only dog or with a dog sibling or 2.

It is now time for MarlaBelle to join a special family of her own. To be able to give the unconditional love and appreciation only a shelter dog like MarleBelle can give.