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Additional Information
  • Female
  • Short Coat
  • Spay/Neuter
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinations Current
More About Olive

ADOPTION PENDING Meet Olive! Olive is a darling 25 lb stubby-legged, happy little girl; so loving and snuggly, with a crooked tail that never stops wagging. She bonds quickly with her people, just adores being with her person; she will follow you wherever you go, wriggle up next to you on the couch, always with an abundance of kisses. Olive has loads of energy and needs daily walks and/or playtime. Being good on-leash, she makes a wonderful walking companion and also has good off-leash skills for hiking adventures; she’ll run and run, and has a great recall when you use a dog whistle.

Olive loves car rides. She’s had some car sickness early on, but she may be past that. She gets a little anxious when having to wait in the car by herself and long periods of time will not work as she will anxiously watch for you to return. She knows “sit” and “down” and will plop herself down immediately for dinner or a treat. She’s working to learn that “off” means “don’t jump”, and she needs to work on calmly greeting guests. She will come to you as fast as her feet will carry her when she hears her whistle. Chewy and plush toys are a YES! Olive is very smart, tries very hard to please and would thrive in a setting that would continue teaching her basic obedience as she needs to work on jumping up and mouthiness when she is excited.

Olive is house trained and is working on crate training. She sleeps in a crate at night, as long as it’s in the bedroom with you; she will settle in with a stuffed Kong and soft music. Although, truth be told, she prefers to be in bed under the covers with you; you will never even know she’s there, she is that quiet! She has not spent much time in a crate during the day and will need some time to be comfortable with that. She will often choose to get into her crate on her own to chill.
Olive is a loving companion to kids 12 and older. She needs to be the only dog in a home as she does not like to share her people. She can get along with dogs outside of the home if you are thoughtful about making the introduction in an open area, otherwise she may act out. On the other hand, she goes on walks fine with other dogs. Big, open areas where she can move about freely will work best when she’s with other dogs. Cats are a question, and given her tendency to not want to share her people, a home without cats is recommended.

Olive has enjoyed having her foster Mom working from home; she would be happiest in a home if you are not gone for long periods as being away will only serve to increase her anxiety. She will be happy in a calm home that has somewhat of a schedule. Olive is a lovely, wonderful little dog. In the right home, she will be a loyal, loving and fun little companion. Approximately 2 years old, 25 lbs, Terrier/Dachshund mix (best guess).

If you think your family is a good match for Olive apply e-mail lisa@longtraildogs for more information.