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Additional Information
  • Female
  • Short Coat
  • Spay/Neuter
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinations Current
  • Dog Friendly
More About LOLA

LOLA! A very kind, loving and HAPPY dog! We are not really sure of her past as she was brought in by Animal Control. She was pregnant, heartworm positive, had a wound on her nose, an imprint around her neck where she was probably tied and missing some front teeth AND her back foot. The consensus is that she was either caught in a trap and chewed her foot off; or was used as a bait dog. We will never know, but what we do know is that Lola , notwithstanding her past is, is living every day as a happy, full of life dog!

Lola has been treated for her heartworms, her wounds have healed AND we even had a very special prosthesis made for her which she is learning to use quite nicely. This comes in handy when she is on her off leash trail walks with her foster family!

We are looking for an ideal home for Lola which needs to include another dog in the household. She loves canine friends too much not to have one as a sibling. We are also looking for a home that will continue to give her the energy outlet she thrives on. You would never know she only has 3 paws to romp around on, she’s pretty fast in the woods chasing those chippies!

Lola has been in her foster home for 3 months now as she went through heartworm treatment and then the fitting for her prosthesis. Her foster family loves her and knows she is going to make a family very happy. This is what her foster family says about this lovely, gentle lady:

Lola likes attention but is not overbearing. She loves her belly rubbed and is very accepting of being rolled over and picked up. She never resists being put into different positions. She is gentle with her interactions with people.

Lola loves to play. She will try to engage you in playful behavior daily. She likes to play with her toys but she really likes to play with our dog Lucy. She can get excited when playing so she would not be a candidate for a home with small children. She and Lucy will wrestle inside and it can get a little rough. Lola seems to understand Lucy’s limits and backs off when appropriate. Outside she and Lucy do a lot of playing as well. They will wrestle but Lola also spend a lot of time chasing Lucy around.

When we got Lola she was really focused on food. Now, she has a strong interest in food but her and Lucy’s food bowls may sit untouched for a good part of the day. There is absolutely no food aggression and it is not uncommon for she and Lucy to eat/lick something tasty off the same dish at the same time.

I would say that Lola is medium energy. She likes daily activity and looks forward to her walks. We walk her off leash most days. In the woods she is easily distracted by birds, chipmunks, squirrel and deer. We have worked with her and she will stay with us but she still learning good recall. There is just so much fun stuff to chase. She doesn’t run off on her own and generally keeps track of where we are at all times.

Our neighbor has chickens and Lola pays no attention to them. She is around our horses daily and seems to respect their space and has never offered to chase them. I have had her around my mom’s cat and Lola never even looks at her. She is just not interested.

I think that Lola would do best in a home with another dog. She really enjoys the company of Lucy and looks for her when she’s not around. Lola likes having a canine friend and as mentioned, loves to play.

We walk Lola daily and she has no trouble going 1-2 miles. We have taken her further but she does get tired.

Lola is just a happy dog. No fuss. She wags her tail all the time and truly seems genuinely happy – and is so expressive.

She has no separation anxiety. I leave her loose in the house without worry.

I always make sure she has HER toys available. She likes to pull ‘the squeaky’ out of all the toys and does destroy most of them but she has never offered to chew our stuff. The foster home before us said that Lola was a chewer but I am thinking that we offer her more activity and stimulation so that has helped.

She likes to sleep on the couch during the day and in our bed at night – once she is in bed she barely moves, she’s actually a good bed mate ; )

Lola loves spending time outside. When I am working in my gardens or in the barn she just relaxes and waits patiently for me.

She and Lucy will bark when together but if Lucy isn’t around I generally don’t hear Lola bark.

Lola is still timid and unsure of herself when meeting new people. When she is nervous she has a very specific whine.

She doesn’t particularly like riding in the car. She tolerates it but it is evident that she is not comfortable. She usually just lays down but she can be restless – generally trying to escape the back seat and come up front.

The Lola we have today is not the Lola we had 3 months ago. She has really blossomed into a very happy dog. I truly feel she shows gratitude daily in her own doggy way.

I really can’t say enough good about Lola. She is a very special pup.

Application Link:

Lola is being fostered in Monkton, VT