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Additional Information
  • Female
  • Medium Coat
  • Spay/Neuter
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinations Current
  • Dog Friendly
More About JUNEY

Who’s ready for a forever? JUNEY

Our 1 +/- shep/collie mix? who loves to show off her outgoing, extroverted spirit with both people and other dogs.! She’s very friendly, engaging, and appropriate social with both two legged and four legged friends she meets.

She’s been doing extremely well with her foster family, tends to be a team player, attentive and loves to learn. She’s welcoming to friends/family visiting the home and very respectful to the other canine foster siblings.

She has some good leash skills already and pretty good off-leash with recall too! Her foster family has taken her on camping trips which she LOVES. She’s an outdoor pup at heart, but that doesn’t mean she’s not the best cuddler and snuggler on the couch when it’s time to relax.

She is crate trained and learning good house manners as well. Her favorite ways to spend her time are outdoors exploring, hiking or simply playing fetch with her people. Her foster family says she is more of a medium energy pup. Although she enjoys hiking, it’s not an everyday activity that she needs. She would be happy with a a more even keeled daily exploration with maybe a weekend adventure to top off the week.

June is willing to get on board with whatever fun the day brings. She yearns to be a team player, she’s attentive, learns quickly and would thrive with a fun partner/coach to journey through life with. She’s been great in dog-friendly public places and makes new friends easily.

June’s ideal home would be with a semi-active family that enjoys the outdoors. A family committed to and has fun teaching new skills and enjoys taking their dog(s) on family outings. Another well balanced pup that would enjoy her goofy playstyle, splashing in the water and sharing a comfy bed with her would be a bonus! Respectful kiddos over 8yrs could have some fun teaching her fun tricks too!

She currently lives with a very dog savvy kitty who she plays a bit ruff with, so any kitties in the home would need to be dog savvy and able to appropriately how to play respectfully.

Juney is primed to be a great family pup. If you'd like to learn more, or come meet her, please submit our application at this link:

She is being fostered in Burlington, VT