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  • Female
  • Short Coat
  • Medium Coat
  • Spay/Neuter
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinations Current
  • Okay With Small Children
  • Dog Friendly

More About Beignet

Just like the famed French pastry found in New Orleans, this Beignet is sweet, rich (with personality), and has a dusting of powdered sugar on her nose. Beignet is a 50 lb, approximately 6 years old, brindle-colored mixed breed. She lived with a foster family in South Carolina who reported she was very good with other dogs and children. She arrived in VT on September 8th and has been fostered in a home with a resident male elderbull. Beignet is excited to meet all guests young and old and has enjoyed low-key slower-paced play with her elderbull buddy.

Beignet does not jump, has a very polite greeting, rarely barks, and walks on a leash without pulling. She enjoys scouting for squirrels on walks (occasionally needs a gentle reminder to resume travel) and loves monitoring the squirrel populations from the porch or the fenced in back yard. Beignet does not require a tremendous amount of exercise, but appreciates a daily mile-long walk to stay fit. She knows sit from verbal cue and down from physical cue, waits patiently for the "okay" to enjoy her meals or to leave the house for a leash walk.

Beignet enjoys being with her people but is not clingy. She will cuddle on the couch and asks for attention by nudging your hand or sitting next to you. Plush squeaky toys are her absolute favorite and she has taken her meals in feeder toys at times while being fostered. Beignet gladly relinquishes a toy, food, or treats if need be, and has had no problems with ear cleaning or nail cutting. She is fine staying in a crate while her people are out or at night, but is also very respectful and non-destructive when left loose in the house. She is a super easy going dog who could easily live in a variety of homes. Her passion for squirrels would need to be managed by a leash or fenced in yard, and while she has done fine in a home with another animal, she would relish being the center of attention for her new family.