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Additional Information
  • Female
  • Spay/Neuter
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinations Current
  • Dog Friendly

More About GINA

Gina was born to a shelter mom who unfortunately died shortly after giving birth. Gina was immediately placed into a loving foster home where she was raised with kind people and doggie friends.

Gina had an adopter waiting for her when she was old enough, but it because apparent that there was something going on with her potty training and continuous dribbling of urine. It took some time for the proper diagnosis and after seeing multiple vets and finally a specialist, we were excited to find out that this was a physical problem and not behavioral and was was treatable with surgery. Volunteers and Donors put together the funds needed for Gina to have her surgery which she went through like a trooper and the best news was that the surgery was a complete success! yes! Now Gina is ready to find that wonderful family looking for the all the lovely lab traits that this bundle of love has!

Being in a foster home for about 5 months, we know so much about Gina and her foster mom has shared this information with us to pass on so we can find her ideal family! Below is from Gina's wonderful foster mom:

Gina a sweet, calm girl who loves the world and trusts her people to guide her and keep her safe. She was born on May 18, 2018

Gina is house-trained; The surgery has helped 100%...
Gina sleeps in her crate every night from about 9:00 PM - 5:00 AM. If I am working late at the computer, she will put herself to bed.
Gina will walk on a leash but she is so obedient, and responds to her name, that I don't use the leash unless we are in a place where she might get near a street or going from car into a building.
She knows the "sit" command.
Often Gina will reach up and get the leash in her mouth so it appears she is leading me.
She has the classic lab personality. Calm in the house, lying by my chair or playing with her toys. Outside she loves to run, retrieve and explore. She checks in with me every 10 min or so if not in fenced yard.
Gina loves everyone and every thing. She thinks she is people, being raised by bottle after her mother's death when Gina was 2 days old.
Gina "talks" when she is frightened or angry. If I tell her "no" about something, she gets a rope toy or one of her plastic can lids and marches around grumbling. If she gets frightened, she runs behind me and yips or whines or tries to sit in my lap.
Gina chews like the Bush's beans dog. She chews her food instead of gulping it. We love to give her roasted peanuts so we can watch her sit and chew them.
The ladies in the vet's office always come outside the desk area to love on Gina when she goes. She wags with her whole body and smiles. And tries to tell all the other pets that it is a nice place.
She is inquisitive and wants to be in the middle of any activity. Children are wonderful little people that are almost her size.
She does chase cats/kittens if they run, but just wanted to lick my foster kitten when it would hold still. I don't think she really understands that they are small animals instead of toys.
Gina is right at home in a crowd of people, going from one to another looking for friends.
Gina isn't afraid of riding in the car but has gotten car sick sometimes. I put her in a crate with a towel.
She is really a quiet, calm dog.
Ideally, she would have a fenced back yard and another dog to keep her company or 2-3 children to play with her. She has never been alone. She has had canine or human company all the time except when she sleeps.
She stays outside in the fenced yard or the back porch most of the day; inside when we are home and at night.
I have another foster, a min pin, who stays outside with her. My 2 chihuahuas are with her inside the house. She walks/plays with my 2 labs, border collie, and pit mix outside in the kennel yard. She might act submissive, but mostly wants to play.
She loves dogs ... very respectful of small dogs and a little timid around dogs larger than she is. She has never growled at anything that I know of.
chocolate-colored, 40 lb., hazel eyes, white ticking on chest

Lovely lady!