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Additional Information
  • Female
  • Spay/Neuter
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinations Current
  • Okay With Small Children
  • Dog Friendly

More About Tink!

Tink was an owner surrender because the owners were losing their home. They had no choice but to re-home Tink and when she arrived at the shelter, we were contacted for help. The owner took good care of Tink, including annual vetting, vaccinations, bloodwork and even had a dental done before surrendering her. We promised to find a good home for Little Tink.

She is a 7-8 year old Jack Russell & Rat Terrier Mix weighing in at about 20 pounds. She is friendly with both big & little dogs (okay with males & females), and has lived with multiple other dogs of all sizes. Tink does not like to share a home with kitties.

Tink has deformity of both front legs. When she walks, they bow out and turn almost backwards. It is a congenital deformity. (you will notice this on her video below) Vet confirmed the legs do not cause her any pain or discomfort & doesn’t recommend any medication (pain meds or anti-inflammatory). Vet also advised that there are no surgical options to correct the deformity as well. Her legs do not slow her down a bit though, as she easily walks and runs!

Tink is a very happy and loving dog. She is quite snuggly. Tinkerbell is likely to meet a stranger by rolling over for belly scratches and snuggles. She likes to rest her head under your chin.

She is great with adults and children and has lived with multiple kids that ranged in ages from 6 to 10. She has a wonderfully playful and fun personality. So full of love! Her video really shows her amazing personality! She is very kind and gentle with offered treats and willing to learn new tricks!

Another favorite pass time is snuggles on the sofa.

She is housetrained, as long as she is taken outside often. She is good through the night, but first thing in the AM needs to be taken out.

Tinkerbell hasn't needed a leash in a fenced in yard and she is now learning how to be on a leash and is getting better every day. Having a fenced in yard would be ideal for Tink.. and even better if she has her own doggie door!

When off leash Tinkerbell does amazingly well and will not run off. She has great recall too. Tink is a terrier though and if a small critter runs by, she will surely give chase.

Tink is overall, an amazing dog that is going to make someone very, very happy!

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