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Additional Information
  • Female
  • Short Coat
  • Spay/Neuter
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinations Current
  • Dog Friendly

More About Mini

I’m Mini!- I am about 2 years old and I weight about 25 pounds and a mix of rather unknown origins- one of my years stands up, the other flops over slightly. I love warm beds and bacon.

Until May of this year Mini lived her entire life outside- no one had ever touched her, ever held her or ever shown her love. She arrived at the shelter shaking and crying terrified to let anyone near. She would RUN to hide under her barrel to get away from people. She was so scared she had to be carried in and out of the house just to use the bathroom, but love changes everything and now Mini is a vivacious, friendly and outgoing dog. Now days she demands a belly rub before coming inside. She can still be shy at first but once she trusts you she's all love. Her favorite thing is to have her face scratched, face rubs and bacon. She loves her crate and will often just hang out in there. Her house manners are good and she only plays with toys, and with her buddy, Bug. She is working on potty training still- it’s kinda hard when you have lived outside your entire life. Her favorite treats are broccoli and cucumbers- she has odd tastes, she's even a little finicky, she refuses to eat or drink from metal bowls! Mini has been with our foster family for almost five months learning to live in a house and to trust. She can still be shy and skittish sometimes when there are changes so she needs me to keep her confidence up. She would really like to stay with her buddy, Bug, if possible.

She enjoys a walk great on a leash, loves to explore and is learning recall. She is off leash in her foster yard but is not quite ready for the wide open world yet- but getting there. She is very smart and food motivated. Her dream home would be with a person or couple or family with older children- who like to spend time outside and will let us snuggle with them.