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Additional Information
  • Male
  • Medium Coat
  • Spay/Neuter
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinations Current
  • Dog Friendly
More About Bruno

Bruno is, without question, 100% dog. He’s happy to play fetch in the backyard, carefully gather all his toys and cuddle them, gobble down his kibble, relax on the couch while home alone, stroll through the neighborhood taking in all the sights and smells, snuggle on the couch with his people, and snore the night away in his crate.
From the time he arrived in Vermont from the shelter in the middle of winter until the sunny warm days of late, Bruno has increasingly grown comfortable with his foster family, including another dog. Toys of all types are very valuable to Bruno, sharing with other dogs is not his preference - but he can bury them like a champ. Bruno notices cats in the neighbor’s yard and while on walks but can easily be redirected. He is very people oriented and all wiggles when he meets a new friend on the street or welcomes them into his home.
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Bruno has an old injury to his hind end (possibly hit by a car), and did not receive adequate medical attention to correct the damaged bone structure. Bruno’s conformation is not ideal, a result of this old injury and some spinal deformation. Bruno takes a joint supplement and anti-inflammatory daily to support his hind end. These physical impairments don’t slow Bruno down much, he still does zoomies in the yard, chases toys, travels up and down stairs, and hops on the couch. He gets tired after a couple blocks of walking, but will happily go much further with the assistance of his wheelchair. He gets excited when asked if he’s ready to roll. Bruno is not a dog that needs a ton of exercise and is happy to play with toys, take potty breaks in the backyard and occasional strolls through the neighborhood.

When excited, Bruno has limited motor control and could easily bump or knock someone small or frail. His cuddles can be awkward initially, but once he finds a comfortable position he is very affectionate and desires to be very close to his people. During his stay here, Bruno enjoyed the respite of an occasional stay with his foster grandparents and best buddy; two retired teachers and their grandson. Bruno loved having the attention all to himself, was immediately comfortable in a dog-friendly home, basked in the spoiling belly rubs and head scratches, and spent many an hour lazing in the sun on the porch or the coziness of the couch. He showed a particular fondness for the grill, flushing birds from the bushes, and affectionate playtime in the morning. Bruno would enjoy the company of slightly older children.

He’s a gentle and silly old soul, with a significant amount of derp in his personality. Having recently completed a Myers-Briggs personality test, Bruno is certainly an ENTP, like a cross between Willy Wonka and Ron Weasley. He is extroverted, intuitive, thinking and perceiving. There are moments where it is clear that his mind is rapidly processing the world around him, deep in thought and consideration of what may occur next - all while being remarkably expressive and sweet. Perhaps it’s the adorable bounce he does as his food is prepared each day, or the way he flops onto the ground to roll down the hill in the yard. He could easily be the dog that holds his ball for an entire walk, or lays beside you for a rousing online scroll fest. He’s easy to please, loving and loveable.

Potential adopters looking to learn more about Bruno can check out @jax_n_co on Instagram. Bruno is a 55 lb mixed breed brown dog estimated to be 6 years old. Apply to adopt here e-mail