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Additional Information
  • Female
  • Short Coat
  • Spay/Neuter
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinations Current
  • Dog Friendly
More About Gravy Baby

It's all gravy baby!!! Gravy was a stray who found her way to Long Trail Canine Rescue's partner shelter in Darlington, SC on January 7th, 2019. She was underweight and had clearly spent most of her 2-3 year life as a mother to many litters of puppies. After we agreed to rescue this short stack, Gravy went into foster care down south to recover from her spay (no more puppies - hooray!), and receive treatment for heart worm. She arrived in the Upper Valley on June 16th, and is being fostered in Wilder, VT. She is a muscle bound low rider trotting around 60 lbs of love and fun on some short little legs.

Gravy loves an adventure and is up for anything! Whether its walking around the neighborhood, taking a hike, doing errands in the car, or visiting the local watering hole, Gravy is your girl! She is people and dog social with polite greetings to all, and loves to have company. Gravy lives with an elderbull and wishes he wanted to play with her, but is starting to understand the style of an older dog. She has gone on walks with other younger dogs, greeted other dogs out and about while adventuring, has respectful play behavior, and would likely enjoy living with a playful younger dog. Gravy is pretty good at leash walking after she has her initial excitement out, and looks forward to working on this more with her people. Gravy enjoys a mile long walk once a day and two back yard play sessions (she is the tug-o-war queen!) as exercise. She does not require a ton of exercise but has been neighborhood roller skating with her foster mom and could enjoy short jogs with her person.

Fetch, tug, puzzle toys, and feeder toys, Gravy loves them all, and while she prefers to play with her person, she can also occupy herself. Occasionally she guesses wrong and picks up something that is not a toy but quickly responds to a correction. She loves playing with her person or another dog in the fenced in yard and flops in the kiddie pool when she gets too hot. Gravy is still a young dog and can get a bit mouthy when she is overstimulated and playing with her person or toys, she adjusts her approach when corrected. She is not always aware of her size and could easily bowl over small children unintentionally, so would most enjoy a home with older kids. Gravy likes to chase small furry critters, has shown lots of interest in squirrels, and probably needs a home without cats.

Gravy is crated during the day when her people are at work. She hops right in her crate for a frozen kong and then quietly rests so she is ready to play when her people get home. Her preference would be to sleep with her people at night and cuddle in the morning, but she is aware that her new home may not want dog in the bed and that she might have to sleep on a dog bed or in a crate. Gravy is respectful of the resident elderbull at mealtime and politely waits until he is finished to inspect his bowl. Gravy has enjoyed attending obedience class and quickly settled in to focusing on her person instead of the other dogs in the class. She knows sit, down, and is working on stay, is very food motivated, and takes treats gently. Gravy is relatively quiet and reserves her bark for alerting her people when she is concerned about something going on.

Gravy plays hard, loves lots, and is amazing company! For more info on Gravy, check out her foster mom's @jax_n_co Instagram account!