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Additional Information
  • Male
  • Short Coat
  • Spay/Neuter
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinations Current
  • Dog Friendly
  • Cat Friendly

More About DARWIN

DARWIN!   Our Darwin is a very unique fella with a combination that will melt your heart.  He is like a Lab in a Basset Hound body!   He has a lovely personality, gets along well with other dogs and kitties.   Very much enjoys his people.   He has good house-manners and leash manners too!  

Darwin is about 2 years old and we would say he is a medium energy kind guy.   He enjoys his outdoor time and he enjoys his indoor time equally.   Belly rubs are a favorite and he enjoys showing off his belly as he rolls around on the floor inviting you to pet him. 

He's a good size at 35 pounds, just right for couch snuggling and bed warming partner.

We  are lucky to have a wonderful foster home for Darwin and here is the latest update for Mr. Darwin.  12-27-18

Dear adopter,

This is information about the very lovable 1-2 year old Darwin. I have started calling him Sparky because he fills my life with joy.

His paperwork says he is a Shepard mix. I really think he is a beagle mix. He is a sturdy 35 pounds with a nice coat for winter walks. 

Darwin was In the shelter for over 3 months so he has been adjusting to being a family dog.  He would love his own person. He stares adoringly into the eyes of the humans he trusts. He is so hard to resist. 

Darwin would love a home where his owners are active walkers and hikers. He is happiest walking with me and the dogs. He can go for miles. His other favorite thing is snuggling, being scratched under his chin and once he knows you he likes his back scratched.

He can be reactive if he is not sure of a dog coming at him but has no problems once introduced or during a parallel walk. He has become doggy friends with my two dogs. They play and lay next to each other. He isn’t big on sharing certain toys but has learned how to communicate with my pups.

He likes people and greets people coming to my house. He prefers calm new meetings and not people who are excited. He is wary of children. I think he would prefer a home with older children or no kids. 

He has visited my groomer for a bath and toe nail clipping. He was well behaved and enjoyed the pampering. Recently My dog sitter watched Sparky and my dogs overnight. He had no issues with her being his care taker.

He enjoys his crate and spend time out of it on dog beds, the couch and his crate. He likes snuggly blankets.


He loves chew toys, balls, fleece toys
He will chase a ball and he has played tug of war with my dogs
He will play chase with me or the dogs


He is good on a leash. I use Gentle Leader Harness size medium . He does pull forward somewhat .He loves to walk. He is also good on a long line in my yard as I follow him around
He will drop or let you take a toy from him
He knows crate, sit  and come 

- Likes people
- Crate trained, likes extra blankets to hide under or bury his toys
- Prefers snuggling with his person or curled up on couch
- Loves to be groomed
- Likes traveling in the car
- Has a great nose for smelling 
- Likes other dogs but must be properly introduced 
- He only barks to greet you if he is in his crate or let you know that he wants something 
- He greets people coming into the house in a friendly manner
- He doesn’t mind being handled
- Can entertain himself 

Work in progress:

Will be protective of himself and you if a dog comes at him that he does not know. Formal dog greetings are important for his confidence building

A little overwhelming if too many people greet him at one time. He prefers slow introductions and enjoys engaging when he’s ready vs. being engaged. for video!