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Additional Information
  • Female
  • Short Coat
  • Spay/Neuter
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinations Current
  • Dog Friendly

More About BERTHA

BERTHA is our bright and brilliant 3 year old JRT/Whippet? mix! This lovely girl has been loved and raised by her family since 4 months old. She is a smart pup that has learned many skills including sit, sit pretty, touch, lay down, roll over, bed, stay, settle, paw through and over! She would be happy and excited to demonstrate her repertoire of tricks!

Bertha's family recently had a child and even though the family did everything to prepare Bertha for a new addition, Bertha simply is not comfortable around the little kiddo and has become uneasy, stressed and not understanding how she fits in. This family hired trainers and have seen vets hoping for a solution for Bertha, but all have agreed that Bertha will be happier in a kiddo free home. This is where we come in to help find that perfect home.

Beside this one vice... Bertha is an amazing dog. She is on the higher energy side and excels at learning new things, much like Jack Russel Terrier. She would be a skilled agility dog and would love the challenge. She also would love having another canine companion to play with. Bertha LOVES to be chased and will engage with other dogs asking them to play! She's fast, so not many can keep up which is why it's her favorite game!

She is great on leash, and with some consistent training she could possibly be an off leash dog. Ideally, her home would have a fenced in yard so she could get the energy outlet she desires. Another dog to play with in the fenced in area would also be ideal!

Bertha has also lived with a kitty. With proper introduction, she could share a home with a kitty.

Berta is a perfect size at 30 pounds! She rides nicely in the car, fits perfectly on the couch and if you need a bed warmer, she's all about it. Bertha is also crate trained, although she has earned free roam of the home when left alone.

We're looking for a home where Bertha can once again feel happy, secure and play the games she has come to love with her people. No kiddos in the home please. Occasional kiddos visiting is okay with proper management in place which could simply have Bertha in a safe zone (crate) with a nice chew toy of her own until kiddos go home.

If you're looking for a cool partner to hang with, explore new games and maybe even take on an agility class or a trick class or two, she would be a loyal, fun and loving furry friend to welcome into your heart.