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Additional Information
  • Female
  • Short Coat
  • Spay/Neuter
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinations Current
  • Okay With Small Children
  • Dog Friendly

More About Juniper (fka Alice)

Juniper is our 2 year old, 45 pound beautiful terrier/ retriever mix that is now looking for a family of her very own. She has had a rough start in life and ended up at the shelter with 9 puppies and watched them each die one by one. She was heartbroken, depressed and giving up. On top of that, she had a heart full of worms. She touched the heart of so many volunteers and all knew she deserved to be happy in a home. After learning more about her, we offered her rescue, we applied for a grant to treat her heartworms and we brought her to Vermont. She started to learn that life was good, people were kind and she looked forward to her future. We had her heartworms treated, fed her quality food to fill out her body and now she is ready to start a new chapter in her book of life with a family who is looking for a loyal, loving companion.
Below is what her foster mom writes:
Junie has quickly adapted to our life. She wiggles her tail as she gets attention, responds positively to praise and love. She quickly bonded with all members of our household. She is loyal and loving.
She could be an only dog but will be challenged if left alone for long periods because she craves companionship. .She also would benefit from learning from a well balanced, confident dog.
She is energetic, loves walks and enjoys running in the yard looking for rabbits. A fenced in yard would be a great for her or an area where she can run.
In the house she sweetly settles on dog beds or her crate.
She is smart and already is catching on to phrases like “ leave it” and “ let’s go”. I think she could quickly learn terms for heeling and moving past obstacles.

Toys and play: We have not done much play as we walk a lot. She did play with my 2 dogs initially but now they appear to enjoy each other’s company exploring the yard , walking and sleeping.
Juniper is crate trained. I have the crate in our living/ eating area and she goes in and out as she pleases. I have been feeding her in her crate so she has a space away from the other dogs. At night she sleeps in the crate and during the day if I am going to be gone for a few hours I lock her in the crate.. I have not experienced any chewing behaviors.
She is housebroken.
She walks on a loose leash. I use a harness as she will instinctively run after any mammal.
She is comfortable around the house. She would love to snuggle on the couch but she quickly adapted to our rules that dogs are not allowed on furniture.
She is respectful of barriers like dog gates, fences.
She will alert you if there is a stranger or strange animal in the yard.
She likes humans and seeks their attention. She likes both men and women.
She is very smart and tuned into her humans.
She needs proper introductions to new dogs.
Junie likes companionship and once introduced loves other dogs and learns from them.

Juniper will need a family that will continue to build confidence skills, continue to socialize and continue with basic training. We also know that Juniper has come a long way and with the family that wants to help her continue to grow and learn, she will be the ultimate companion.